Apink Son Naeun expresses sadness about ‘KBS Song Festival’ stage “I hope to have a fair environment in the future”

Apink's Son Naeun criticizes 'KBS Song Festival' for cutting off their performance

Son Naeun took to Instagram to share two dance practice video clips that show how their performance was originally supposed to end. She also wrote in the caption:

“So many upsetting things have happened at the end of this year. I’m posting this because I feel upset and apologetic that we weren’t able to show you the full performance that we worked hard to prepare.

To the Apink members and FreeMind, who toiled away while preparing this performance, and to our staff, who toiled away from the early morning—no, from yesterday’s pre-recording—you all worked hard. Thank you to our Pandas who waited for our performance and cheered us on. As we had all gathered to wrap up the end of the year in a joyful way, to celebrate that we we had all worked hard and done a great job this year, it was an event for which all the artists worked really hard to prepare.

I hope that in the future, it will be a fair and safe environment in which the performers can do a satisfactory job.

Thank you to the many people who are always cheering on Apink.”

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1. [+5919, -137] It’s too much for cutting the stage. Besides, they’re the oldest seniors… They didn’t even get to rehearse.

2. [+2769, -87] It really hurts me.. Please don’t be sorry to your fans.. We’re so grateful! Thank you so much for the wonderful performance.

3. [+2313, -117] KBS, please make a formal apology.. I love you Apink ㅠㅠ

4. [+1503, -44] There are others who should be sorry, but why should the victim feel sorry?

5. [+1294, -51] Apink, I feel sorry that you have to apologize even though you didn’t do anything wrong. KBS, please make a formal apology.

6. [+770, -12] If you look at Jung Eunji’s Instagram account today, she says, “I didn’t get to rehearse today.” She had to bring her own heating bag because they didn’t have a heater. If you watched other videos, their stage was cut, and they looked confused and dumbfounded. Don’t say thank you just because you’re invited. It’s a problem that your favorite groups may experience. Please judge and write comments. Apink shot up the problems that small and medium-sized agencies groups have had on the year-end stage over the past few years. Eunji is currently on K radio, so I’m worried that it might have a bad influence on her. Apink fighting.

7. [+562, -24] SBS Wendy’s fall / KBS cut Apink’s stage / MBC blocking Big Hit…. What the hell did they do?

8. [+429, -40] They’re not rookies, they’re not even unpopular, they have overcome the jinx of their seventh year, and it’s hard to explain why they’re being treated like that. I feel bad for Apink and Pandas.

9. [+385, -19] You’ve done a few songs for other groups, but you can’t even let them sing a song.

10. [+368, -12] I’m not saying Bangtan’s stage is long. In fact, there was no relationship. Each singer had already been set and rehearsals were held the day before. Apink’s stage was cut not because of Bangtan’s stage was long. KBS, at least let us do the stage we prepared. Apink’s stage in the third part. But in the first and second part, singers less famous than Apink did well on stage. KBS can’t be responsible for Apink’s stage? And KBS even hurt Apink or their fans. I hope KBS apologizes.

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