April agency DSP’s official statement

“Hello, this is DSP Media. This is our label’s statement on Hyunjoo’s SNS post earlier today. The post is completely one-sided and is not the objective truth. It is just a twisted statement. Hyunjoo left April five years ago, but she and her family and friends have irresponsibly damaged the hard-working April members and the label. The members and the label have already received emotional harm as well as actual harm. The members wanted to reveal the truth and to be freed from the wrong accusations, but we were worried that it would just be a repeat of irresponsible, subjective statements and that the problem would be solved, so we wanted to reveal the objective truth through a strict legal investigation. The truth will be revealed through ongoing investigations. We apologize once again for the disturbance.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Wow, this is disgusting… They are blaming the victim

2. Hyunjoo is also a celebrity under DSP. If you don’t protect her, please let her leave the agency

3. Isn’t Hyunjoo also an artist under DSP? Looking at the statement, I don’t really feel Hyunjoo is a DSP artist

4. Isn’t the agency responsible for protecting artists…? Hyunjoo isn’t your artist…?

5. Please terminate the contract and let Hyunjoo leave the agency

6. Well, I don’t think it’s Hyunjoo’s agency

7. DSP is just trash

8. Really disgusting

9. Whenever I look at their statements, I think the agency is boycotting Hyunjoo. Looking at this statement, I don’t think Hyunjoo is an artist from that agency

10. Let’s hug the members and die together

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