April Lee Naeun’s mother, to Lee Hyunjoo “You can’t eat spicy, right? I put lots of pepper”

In the 11th episode of ‘Here Goes April!, released in November 2015, Lee Hyunjoo and Kim Chaewon visited Lee Naeun’s house and enjoyed the food prepared by Naeun’s mother

In the video, Naeun’s mother said, “Hyunjoo can’t eat spicy food so sorry” and “I chopped a lot of peppers to show off my knife skills.”

In addition, when Hyunjoo said, “Please teach me how to make seafood pancake” Naeun’s mother replied with a baby’s voice “A squid, it’s all stuck, there are no ingredients.” Naeun said, “Mom why are you talking like that? Mom talk normally” Naeun’s mother replied, “Omo! I was copying Hyunjoo”

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1. This is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen

2. Why did an adult do this to a kid?

3. This is why home education is so important. Naeun learned everything from her mother

4. The video hurt me even more so I don’t want Hyunjoo’s parents and younger brother to see this..

5. I understand well why her daughter bullies others

6. She learned everything from her mother

7. Hyunjoo, I support you

8. I got goosebumps

9. When I watched that video, I was sad to see Hyunjoo smiling

10. I can’t even imagine how Hyunjoo has suffered

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