Finally, Lee Naeun will drop out of ‘Model Taxi’

Upcoming SBS drama ‘Model Taxi’ has decided to replace April’s Naeun.

After continuous pressure, SBS drama ‘Model Taxi’ has decided to pull Naeun from her role. Studio S, the producer for the drama, said, “We talked with the label and decided to replace Naeun, one of the main actors in ‘Model Taxi’.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Good job, there are many actresses who can replace her

2. She’s not a famous kid, so there’s no reason to risk it for her

3. Bye, we don’t want to see her anymore

4. Please retire and never appear on TV again

5. The production team and other actors will have a hard time, but this is correct

6. I will watch the drama comfortably!

7. No matter who the replacement actress is, she will be better than Naeun!

8. This is natural, she’s not an actress that can’t be replaced

9. The production team has made the right decision, I will support the drama

10. Good👍👍👍👍

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