Arashi mentioned K-Pop in an interview with US media

Even though K-pop is exploding globally, Jun says he harbors no hard feelings.

“I feel no sense of the kind of tribalism that some people might imagine, but rather a sense of pride that the architecture that Johnny laid the foundations for decades ago is now finally starting to cross borders. Even if it’s not being done by Johnny, per se, the legacy still continues and is alive and well. You can see the flowers taking root in other cultures and countries,” he says. Laughing, he admitted, “I’ve definitely heard ‘Dynamite’ quite a few times,”

“Johnny created so many boy bands in his 60 years of working and left an indelible mark not just on the entertainment industry of Japan, by bringing it up to a global standard, but also on Asian pop culture overall, even outside of Japan, [visible in] the rise of the Asian pop generation,” he says. “What you’re currently seeing now with non-Japanese groups as well all really found its roots in the foundational work that Johnny did back in the 1960s.”

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1. Ugly… So The Beatles is also Johnny’s legacy.. This is ridiculous

2. Crazyㅋㅋㅋ Because Korean culture is so popular, both China and Japan try to follow….

3. Johnny wouldn’t even think soㅋㅋㅋ

4. Why do you keep asking questions about K-Pop for them? Why don’t you ask them about J-Pop? And what the hell are they talking about?

5. Are any of the K-Pop boy groups affected by Johnny? They insulted K-Pop and Asian music…

6. Well, if they don’t mention K-Pop, they won’t get the attention

7. Don’t contaminate my 15 memories as a fan. Why did you do this?….

8. Are you crazy? What influence has K-Pop received from J-Pop?

9. That’s why I hate Japanese and Chinese idols

10. Why did they mention Dynamite? I can see how jealous they are of BTS and K-Pop

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