Are the prices of Bangtan’s watches for real?

Are the prices of BTS's watches for real?
Are the prices of BTS's watches for real?

84 million won….

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1. [+255, -5] They’re the kids who paid for an apartment in cash so..

2. [+170, -13] I bet that even a car worth 1 trillion won will be nothing to BTS.

3. [+163, -5] They have the money so…

4. [+97, -0] It reminds me of this. BTS was shooting a car CF. I think it was J-Hope? After seeing the price of the car, fans realized that the watch thet he was wearing was worth even moreㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+96, -0] As long as Namjoon doesn’t lose it. I’m worried for him.

6. [+70, -0] When they buy anything, they use it well for years. They still wear casual clothes and even buy discounted clothes.. Even though they bought something expensive, I think they were using it constantly.. I’m not saying they live luxuriously or frugally. But they spend well and it matches the amount they have earned.

7. [+55, -2] But I feel that Bangtan members seem to be more economical than other celebrities..? You can’t imagine how much money each of them makes from their tours. In addition, they have written songs and succeeded in the US, so royalties are huge.

8. [+44, -0] As a rookie or a global superstar, Namjoon’s transportation is always a bike like this

9. [+41, -3] It would have been a Bugatti or a Maserati if he drove … but he didn’t drive.

10. [+40, -0] They’re the kids who bought an apartment worth 5.3 billion won in cash without a loan.

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