Are V and Lisa real?

The two of them are the most popular K-pop stars in the world

original post: pann

1. [+24, -6] For BTS and BLACKPINK, the difference in popularity between the members is not too big. The members are all so popular, but it’s crazy that they rank the members’ popularity every day

2. [+12, -2] This is true, right? There may be differences between V, Jungkook / Lisa, Jennie depending on the taste of each country, but this isn’t wrong right now, because there aren’t any celebrities who have fandom that’s as big as BTS and BLACKPINK

3. [+12, -1] This is true, right?

4. [+5, -0] This is the truth

5. [+4, -1] Lisa was well known before, but with MONEY, she became more popular in North America, South America and Europe. In Germany and India, MONEY is consistently in the top 10 on Spotify

6. [+4, -8] Isn’t Jennie the most popular among the BLACKPINK members? Is it because Lisa has a lot of fans in Thailand?