Are you still consuming YG music?

After Seungri‘s scandal, Black Pink and Winner came back, and even then, Lee Hi came back for the first time in three years.

Unlike the boycott, Black Pink and Winner swept the music charts.

Lee Seunghoon is suspected of trying to hide B.I‘s drug scandal. Public outrage, but YG does not seem to be affected. Even at this time, money was still piled up in YG bags.

Those who continue to listen to YG music rationalize that ‘YG music is very good and undeniable’.

Yang Hyun Suk said, “I am very sorry to fans who love YG and the people who work in the entertainment industry,” he apologized to the fans, not the public.

Are you still consuming YG music?

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1.Music consumption of YG singer innocent = Money will be in YG bag.

2. I don’t consume

3. I like singers, but I don’t like YG.

4. It’s a pity for singers when they continue to stay at the drug store ……..

5. Is listening to YG music a way to put money into drugs?

6. I also deleted all of YG’s songs

7. We are paying for crime.

8. In fact, YG’s strength has weakened.

9. YG artists still appear on music shows, the problem is not the public, but the fans. YG has a large number of fans. When controversy arises, what the public is saying is that fans are shielding artists. YG music is only boycotted when the fans do it themselves.

10. I only consume a little. Illegal punishment is something to do in a country, but I think people don’t have that obligation. I will not consume for artists who commit crimes, but that is not something that others can decide.

11. Fans of YG music groups are pitiful

12. Consumers should boycott YG … let them know how important the public and fans are. I’m angry to see the shield of YG remain.

13. What’s wrong with singers who doesn’t commit crimes?

14. I don’t know if I ever listened to YG music on Melon – I installed YG artist’s song that didn’t play on the playlist.

15. Big Bang music has appeared for a long time and after Seungri’s scandal, music has been sold out. I think drugs are personal problems, so I don’t think it’s important to me. I’m still listening and consuming YG music. People still wonder why they should see this article.

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