K-Pop stars like BTS won’t be receiving military perks

Army denies any military exemption or exception for BTS

Early today, the 94th National Agenda Checking and Adjustment Meeting was held to review a variety of military service agendas. One of them included a discussion on whether globally successful K-Pop stars, such as BTS, should be allowed to exempt or be given alternative duties for their mandatory military duties.

The meeting ultimately decided that they will not be changing the current military standards, which means BTS will be serving the same existing standards.

“All 7 members are very sensitive about how all of the media companies are (portraying them) like they don’t want to go to the army. They said they will definitely enlist in the military.” – Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism

BTS’s Jin and Suga are speculated to be enlisting sometime next year as they’re nearing the age cap for enlistment. cr

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1. [+1238, -20] They’ve never asked to be exempt from military service in the first place ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1303, -212] There is someone’s opinion that if BTS served military in Dokdo, the whole world would recognize Dokdo as Korean territory. I really think that is the best idea.

3. [+537, -33] No ㅋㅋ When do they ask for benefits?? Why do you keep talking about this?? The fans don’t say that either~ Leave them alone.

4. [+394, -11] BTS members said they’re going to the armyㅋㅋ Don’t make more noise.

5. [+64, -4] They said they’d fulfill their military service if the country called them, but you kept saying… I hope they easily go abroad. They can sell all tickets for their concerts in all stadiums around the world. But it would be a pity if they were restricted from going abroad.

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