Around Us Ent. official reps, ‘The Yong XX in the news is not Yong Junhyung’

Around Us Ent. official reps confirm that the Yong XX mentioned in the news is not Yong Junhyung
Around Us Ent. official reps confirm that the Yong XX mentioned in the news is not Yong Junhyung

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1.[+746, -12] The truth is going to be revealed soon.. It’s a relief if it’s really not him, but if it’s him and he lied then he must be a trash..

2. [+416, -75] Seungri also denied it all at first..

3. [+312, -9] I really hope it’s not him..

4. [+231, -126] Please..ㅠㅠ I believe in you, Oppa..ㅠㅠ

5. [+69, -5] Then who is the Singer Yong that’s mentioned in the news;; If he’s really wrongly accused, then he really should reveal the identity of the real Singer Yong at least for his own sake.. But I think there’s no other Yongs in the music industry besides Yong Junhyung..

6. [+106, -43] Yes.. I believe in you..ㅠㅠ Junhyung said that it’s not himㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+47, -0] I was a B2uty and now am a Light, I have been a fan of his for 9 years. And first of all, I believe in him since he said that it is not him. But if it turns out to be him, even when he denied it at first, he really needs to pay for everything that he did.. I’m waiting for the truth to be revealed.

8. [+38, -2] It is said that he’s close with Jung Joonyoung that they meet 6 days in a week. But I personally believe it’s not him. It’s possible for him to meet up with Jung Joonyoungㅎ I wonder who is it if it’s not Yong Junhyung..

9. [+42, -4] I know I shouldn’t be suspecting of him without any clear reasons but the only Singer Yong who’s the same age with Seungri and Jung Joonyoung is only Yong Junhyung..ㅋㅋ And he’s really close with Jung Joonyoung.

10. [+41, -7] I want to believe that it’s not him since he said it is not him. But Junhyung-ah, I think you’re the only singer with surname Yong. As a fan, I know that I should be trusting you but I can’t think of any other singers with surname Yong besides you.. If it’s really you, then you really should reveal the truth, apologize, and enlist to the military just like how you planned. But if you denied it and later it turns out to be you, I would be really disappointed more than ever.. Regardless of those, you need to speak up and if you need to apologize then do it. Don’t think that people will let it slide off just because you said no and denied it all. Your fans don’t exist to shield you even when you did wrong. So please, speak the truth..

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