As expected for the #1 male & female idol voted by physiognomists

Irene #1 for female idols

“Even if she just breathes, she’ll succeed”… voted as the #1 by physiognomists, Red Velvet Irene

RM #1 for male idols

“He can even become Big Hit’s CEO”… voted as the #1 male idols for the best physiognomy, BTS RM

original post: pann

1. [+428, -64] Seriously, RM would be successful and would have hit big even if he didn’t debut as an idol

2. [+415, -32] Don’t come here to bash their visuals;; It’s not the ranking based on who is handsome or ugly, it’s about physiognomy

3. [+361, -121] I knew RM would rank #1ㅋㅋ Like the broadcast says, he’d suit being an earl or something like that

4. [+129, -4] There are so many stupid people who don’t understand the purpose of this post… It’s not the ranking of their visuals, it’s about their physiognomy

5. [+126, -17] RM’s rap in Dionysus sounds so noble

6. [+113, -129] R…..M….?

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