ASTRO’s stage at ‘The Fact Music Awards’ is being criticized for plagiarizing Arashi’s stage

ASTRO’s stage

Arashi’s stage

original post: theqoo

1. I feel sorry for the ASTRO member, who is the planner?

2. What’s even worse is that the quality is a lot lower

3. Why Arashi? Isn’t Arashi the group that says K-pop is influenced by Johnny?

4. These controversies will negatively affect K-pop, so please be careful.

5. No, who is the stage director? What the hell did he do?

6. This is so embarrassing

7. They’re stupid.. They’re ruining Kpop’s image

8. Why did you plagiarize? Director, please apologize properly

9. Since the quality is bad, I feel more embarrassed

10. Crazy.. It’s even worse than the original