The controversial idol, who hit the members in VLive

Fans explain: they’re close

original post: theqoo

1.A thug ;;

2. I didn’t like him since I saw this.

3. He is a bully.

4. At that time, fans are really a shield!

5. Anyone still a fan after seeing this? That is too stupid.

6. Expression too real.

7. After debuting, I said he was not good. Only fans made shields.

8. Fans will come and reject it.

9. If you’re a fan of a guy wearing a hat, you really don’t like it.

10. I think there seems to be a hierarchy here. It was the youngest child named Chanwoo.

11. The faces of the other members are telling me everything;

12. I hate him since then.

13. Is Donghyeok and Jinhwan? Look at their two faces again. This feeling …

14. If the guy wore a hat that was a famous member, it would be a mess.

15. I don’t know what this situation is, but just because he’s playing with his friend, the faces of the people around don’t seem like a joke.

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