B.I who left iKON, results of his drug tests judged as ‘negative’

Police have reportedly revealed that B.I tested negative in drug tests.

According to news outlet Sports World, B.I recently received his drug test results through the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency. The police sent his body hair to the National Forensic Service to be examined, and no illegal drug substances were detected. cr

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1. [+1567, -204] So it turned out negative… It’s frustrating to see that only B.I. has been sacrificed while the actual guilty people are hiding in behind their backs.

2. [+1281, -90] It’s just a fact that because he’s been dragged into the dirty things YG did, there was nothing done and this issue has been dragged until now. This seems to be a case of an social evil company sacrificing a scapegoat. He’s pitiful.

3. [+1181, -140] Kim Hanbin! I’ll always support you

4. [+1085, -90] Hanbin-ah, come back now.

5. [+961, -62] If it turned out negative.. It seems like journalists have been exaggerating a lot. I feel sorry that he ended up like this because he was in YG..

6. [+363, -20] YG used B.I. as a shield… He’s pitiful.

7. [+327, -16] I miss his voice the most. Actually, I knew he was a warm person. Please come back.

8. [+306, -11] Oh my God. He ended up like this because he was in YG..
Yang Hyun Suk, why did you use a kid as a shield like this? YDon’t you have any conscience? Don’t ever think about coming to YG again.

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