Back then during BTS’ World Stadium Tour

These are marvellous views of the stadiums during BTS’s ‘Love Yourself’ Stadium World Tour

Seoul Olympic Stadium, South Korea

Citi Field Stadium, New York, USA

Rose Bowl Stadium, LA, USA

Soldier Field Stadium, Chicago, USA

MetLife Stadium, New Jersey, USA

Allianz Parque Stadium, São Paulo, Brazil

Wembley Stadium, London, UK

Stade de France, France

King Fahd International Stadium, Saudi Arabia

Kingtan opens up closed doors of culture in Arab countries, where entry is harder than debuting in the US because of cultural barriers too high

Yanmar Stadium Nagai, Osaka, Japan

Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand

Other stadiums include Singapore National Stadium, Shizuoka Stadium, etc.

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1.[+320, -2] No, the stadiums are so big, but why couldn’t I get one seat?

2.[+243, -4] Rose Bowl opened only once that year for BTS’ concert

3.[+215, -2] Oh, I couldn’t go to any concerts at that time

4.[+82, -0] Our kids are sincere about performing ㅜ My heart hurts, I hope they do another World Stadium tour soon ㅜ

5.[+63, -0] ARMYs, are there any other pictures that you can realise the scale of BTS’ tours like this

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