‘SuperM The Beginning’ Baekhyun “SuperM, I liked when I heard that we could continue promoting”

Baekhyun liked when he heard that SuperM could continue promoting

SuperM gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at their U.S. debut and promotions in “SuperM the Beginning.”

When they were asked how they took on the difficult challenge of forming one group together, Ten replied, “I thought that it was a joke at first.” Mark added, “We all arrived in separate cars, and we looked like Transformers.”

Leader and oldest member Baekhyun explained, “I don’t think I would’ve wanted to do it if it was going to be a one-time thing. I liked when I heard that we could continue promoting.” Kai stated, “I was inspired by looking at artists in the North American market and wanted to try as well.”

“I was the first one to hear about the group being formed,” revealed Taemin. “I exchanged opinions with the agency about the group.”

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1. I bet the fans of each group don’t like to hear this

2. After that, they will leave the main group and focus on SuperM…?

3. I’m a Baekhyun fan but I hate itㅋㅋ

4. If they get good response from the US, they can give up on the activities of their main group and focus on SuperM. Individual fans may like this, but group fans like me don’t like it

5. This is not a project group? Does it last?

6. Honestly, I don’t like this group.

7. Do whatever you want to do, Baekhyun!

8. If you like Baekhyun, you must know how much Baekhyun cares about the main group and the opinions of the fans. I hate group fans saying they don’t like SuperM.

9. Do what Baekhyun wants to do! Baekhyun always cares about EXO and his fans!!

11. I hate it. EXO has been a beggar in SM’s plans since last year.

12. Honestly, I prefer Baekhyun in EXO

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