Baekhyun responds to the post of ‘Chanyeol’s acquaintance’ on Twitter “Who is this acquaintance of mine?”

Previously, a netizen who claimed that she was a “friend” of Chanyeol made a lengthy SNS post mocking Chanyeol’s character. This netizen claimed that she was also a “friend” of the alleged “ex-girlfriend” who raised controversial allegations against Chanyeol earlier this week, and stated that Chanyeol was “getting payback” for his past wrongdoings (against the “ex-girlfriend”).

In addition, the netizen wrote that she was originally introduced to Chanyeol by EXO’s Baekhyun, mentioning that Baekhyun supposedly frowns on Chanyeol’s life choices.

Then, in a recent Twitter post, Baekhyun was seen indirectly calling out this netizen in a short tweet which read, “No but really… who is this acquaintance of mine? (Aha there’s a mosquito, smack) This little critter~~ Ah, shake shake.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. That means that post is fake, right?

2. But what is Baekhyun’s tone in the post? I don’t think it’s suitable for his age

3. Baekhyun did well

4. Why are so many people hating Baekhyun?

5. Why do you want Baekhyun to be quiet? Even if he is unjust, he may be misunderstood..

6. There’s a reason why Baekhyun is the top idol

7. Baekhyun is doing a better job than SM

8. What is SM doing? Why don’t they protect their artists?

9. No, Baekhyun was mentioned in that acquaintance’s post… Why should he be quiet?…

10. How old is he? His tone is really annoying

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