Bangtan Jungkook’s eyes show intense light like a wild animal

Unlike normal eyes of Bangtan Jungkook,
His expression changes on the stage, big eyes, his intense eyes looks like a tiger or jaguar.

Strong, decisive movements like a predator … Making Jungkook on stage become special

Black jaguar

A few days ago at Lotte Concert
Sexy beauty

Normally, he is so gentle and cute
I think Jungkook is the source of charm

original post: theqoo

1. Jungkook, please do it forever. Big eyes and attractive. When he dances, he is charming.

2. Jungkook looks like a wild animal on stage, but if he does cute action he’s like a big cat.

3. I always have a good mood because of Jungkook’s stage.

4. It’s a handsome, charming man, but also good at performing live.

5. It looks like a real predator

6. I think he’s a cute baby rabbit, but it turns out he’s a predator.

7. The reason why I often watch Jungkook’s fancam because it’s cool and full of pleasure.

8. He is really good at performing. He continues to try to be better.

9. Jungkook’s eyes are a treasure.

10. I’m crazy right from the first photo. It’s great to change the charm of the eyes from one stage to the next.

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