Famous celebrity agency CEO under investigation for s*xually assaulting employee… During the prosecution investigation

Big entertainment label CEO under investigation for s*xually assaulting employee

‘A’, a CEO of a label that has many famous celebrities, is being investigated under charges of sexually assaulting an employee.

According to Newsis, CEO ‘A’, who is 45 years old, was being investigated. His case was forwarded to the prosecutors on January 29th. He is being investigated for sexually assaulting ‘B’, who was drunk, on December 5th last year in Gangnam’s Chungdam-dong. He had originally denied being involved, but later admitted to charges.

‘A’ is the CEO of a label that has veteran actors and popular TV personalities. He debuted in the 90s as a singer, and had succeeded as a label CEO. After the situation, he has stepped down as CEO. His photo and introduction are reported to have been deleted from the company page as well. cr

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1. [+675, -12] They say ‘famous company’ but I bet once the name comes out, it’s some nugu company???

2. [+556, -12] Debuted as a singer in 1990? 45 years old?

3. [+402, -9] I guess I’m early…

4. [+105, -27] There’s news saying it’s Jang Seok Woo from Open World Entertainment

5. [+39, -5] And to think that the prosecutors still haven’t solved Jang Ja Yeon’s scandal!!!! No wonder criminals are going around like they’ll never get caught

6. [+39, -4] So he’s an older singer, right?

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