Big Hit, a weird company that repeats missing members twice in one day in BTS’s Season’s Greetings teaser

Member Jin was left out in the teaser photos of BTS’ Season’s Greetings posted by Big Hit on Twitter yesterday

In the preview video of BTS’ Season’s Greetings that came out a few hours later, V’s scene was left out

BTS members are often left out, but Jin and V are left out the most

Here are the tweets about last year’s Season’s Greetings

J-Hope was let out

Big Hit and HYBE can’t take care of BTS

original post: theqoo

1. Why are they always like that? Are they doing this on purpose?

2. No, why can’t this agency handle their work meticulously?

3. Did they not check before posting? Why do they treat idols so badly who make so much money for them? Don’t cause a war between solo fans

4. Not 70 people, but 7 people, HYBE is crazy, they seriously can’t take good care of BTS…

5. I don’t understand… Not 17 people, but 7 people… They will make a lot of money, but why do they always work so sloppy…

6. Jin, V, and J-Hope are always left out, but the company has no intention of changing

7. Even if it’s not 7 people, but 17 people, if they make a lot of money thanks to BTS, they have to take good care of BTS

8. I love Jin these days, but his agency treats him badly. Is his agency an anti?

9. That’s why I want BTS to leave HYBE and set up their own agency

10. I’m not surprised anymore. HYBE is always like that