[Exclusive] BTS to become family with NU’EST and Seventeen

On January 13, Korean news outlet Sports DongA reported that—in a deal similar to its acquisition of Source Music last year—Big Hit Entertainment was in the process of acquiring Pledis Entertainment.

According to the report by Sports DongA, Pledis Entertainment will continue to operate as an independent label, just as Source Music has. If the two companies move forward with the acquisition, Pledis Entertainment is reportedly likely to move into Big Hit Entertainment’s new building, which Big Hit plans to begin using in May.

Later that morning, Big Hit Entertainment responded by simply stating, “Nothing has yet been decided.” cr

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1. [+1493, -73] Big Hit needs to start filing lawsuits for their artists instead of acquiring other agencies like this

2. [+1375, -100] What a joke, they can’t even take BTS into consideration

3. [+1137, -52] Big Hit, you need to protect your artists before you get biggerㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This business is going crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+790, -158] No, Big Hit can’t even manage BTS alone. They’re getting hate from their domestic fans already, why are they continuing to expand their company? Stop sending BTS overseas all the time and don’t let domestic fans leave.

5. [+594, -196] Big Hit can’t even do their job but they’re so blinded by the prospect of expanding their company. Big Hit will go bankrupt before they’re able to expand their company.

6. [+341, -11] Big Hit has the capacity to train their own rookie groups, why do they keep acquiring companies? Oh my god, how are they going to fit them all under one building? When is BTS going to comeback when they add all these other artists to their lineup? I guess it’s hard not to be jealous of each other. Why are we sharing what BTS has achieved with other companies instead of our own rookies? Stop testing BTS fans like this.

7. [+260, -6] Big Hit is nothing without BTS, they can barely manage BTS as it is but all they’re doing is expanding their company.

8. [+243, -8] They’re barely managing their own artists, but it seems that they’re expanding their company too much. I hope they remember who helped Big Hit grow up.

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