Big Hit acquires Pledis… BTS and NU’EST are one family

Big Hit becomes largest shareholder of Pledis
Big Hit becomes largest shareholder of Pledis

On May 25, Big Hit officially announced that the company is now the largest shareholder of Pledis Entertainment.

Pledis Entertainment will be a label of Big Hit Entertainment but will still be operated independently. Pledis producer Han Sung Soo will add to the powerful lineup of Big Hit’s creative leaders, which was previously strengthened with the addition of CBO Min Hee Jin last year. Pledis artists will receive professional and systematic support from Big Hit along with further resources and connections on a global scale.

Han Sung Soo commented, “I am glad to join Big Hit, which is leading the Korean entertainment industry. This will provide an opportunity for the Pledis artists and involved individuals to all take a step forward. I am looking forward to the future that will be created with the combination of Pledis’s creative and Big Hit’s strengths. We will give back with better content for fans and greater success of our artists.

Big Hit CEO Bang Si Hyuk remarked, “More than anything, I am glad that we can collaborate with CEO Han Sung Soo and Pledis’s creative organization. Big Hit and Pledis will grow together with mutual understanding through music and create synergy in the future.”

Pledis Entertainment is currently home to artists including NU’EST, SEVENTEEN, Nana, Bumzu, Kyulkyung, Yehana, and Sungyeon. cr

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1. BTS, NU’EST, Seventeen, TXT, GFriendㅋㅋㅋㅋ daebak

2. I don’t care about other groups, I just like BTS, but I hope NU’EST and Seventeen get better!!

3. BTS, TXT, NU’EST and Seventeen .. The best boy groups are under Big Hit

4. Big Hit is getting bigger and biggerㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. So for now, NU’EST and Seventeen’s music videos will be uploaded to Big Hit’s YouTube channel..?

6. Wow, this is amazing.. I hope everything goes well

7. Big Hit should manage their staff and artists instead of merging….

8. Wow but what I’m most curious about is how much money BTS has made for Big Hit

9. NU’EST and Seventeen are both doing well + Big Hit is so good at planning and promoting music.. I’m sure they will be more and more popular

10. Don’t worry, Big Hit knows what to do to manage their artist

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