One BTS member is missed in the Japan online showcase VCR

BTS’s Japan online showcase was held on the 18th and J-Hope is missed in the VCR;

Moreover, this is not the first time, so BTS fans seem to be angrier

original post: theqoo

1. Did they not check?

2. ??? It’s not like they have 20 members.. What the hell is Big Hit doing?

3. I wonder how they could be missing something like that

4. Seriously, they don’t have too many members, this makes me madㅋㅋㅋ

5. Not once or twice, Big Hit is crazy

6. No, that mistake is too much;;;

7. It’s not like they have 70 or 700 members… Big Hit always ignores the most basic things, so I have nothing to say

8. V, Jin, J-Hope.. What makes the members go missing again and again?

9. Although I’m not a fan, I think I’ve heard a lot about BTS members missing in the VCR, why did Big Hit do that?

10. Big Hit, this is not the first time, please do the basics well

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