The new BTS Army Merch Pack is sold by Big Hit for 175,000 won today…..

At a price of $150 USD for global purchase, fans are able to get the following benefits. They will be entitled to a mobile membership card, although you will only be able to get a physical membership card if you purchase the official fan kit from the original ARMY membership registration separately. You also get access to purchase for membership exclusive goods, pre-purchase opportunities for WeVerse Shop and other membership discounts and benefits, pre-purchase opportunities for tickets and events, ability to apply to attend live music shows, WeVerse member only areas and contents, as well as the chance to apply for special BTS events.

What the Merch Pack is specifically, is that you will be purchasing a total of 4 Merch Boxes with the $150. In the Merch Box are undisclosed goods.

Although you are entitled to 4 times of Merch Boxes, spread out over an undisclosed period of time, you have to pay for shipping each time. The cost of shipping itself would be insanely high, for global fans especially.

For the first box, it has been revealed that it will contain a blanket and a fabric poster. cr

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1. Big Hit is not thinking about the future of BTS, but only thinking about making money from fans

2. 175,000 won doesn’t matter, but please tell me what the goods are, and try to get rid of the shipping costs…

3. That shipping is separate is too much….

4. 175,000 won for 4 times? But BTS is so popular that things like being able to pre-purchase is good… Other idols might be the same but still..

5. Is BTS retiring next year? Why are they so urgent for money?

6. I-LAND flopped so they are trying to earn money from this. Can’t believe it’s 175,000 won? They should at least let us know what’s inside but before that they just ask for money firt? And if you buy this, can you pre-purchase things or tickets before those in the official existing fanclub? Wow.. it’s so unfair

7. I don’t buy it even if I have moneyㅋㅋ

8. Big Hit is really good at making money from fansㅋㅋㅋ

9.Big Hit actually treats fans like ATMsㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

10. I’m a fan of BTS, but I don’t think I can buy this

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