BTS side “The rumors about Jungkook are not true, legal action against the invasion of privacy”

Big Hit denies BTS Jungkook’s dating rumors

“Big Hit Entertainment clearly states that the claims about our artist Jungkook that are being spread on social media and online communities are not true.

While in Geoje Island during his period of rest, he found out that his acquaintances from a tattoo shop were also visiting the area. He then met with his tattoo shop acquaintances and other acquaintances from Geoje Island for a meal and had a karaoke session. This is the truth that has been distorted.

We think it is unfortunate that Jungkook’s personal daily life during his period of rest became known in a distorted way.

We will figure out whether CCTV footage was leaked or if there was illegal filming and take strong legal action against the disclosure of personal information and invasion of privacy. Furthermore, we announce that we will also take legal action against the spread of false rumors.”


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1. [+418, -14] But the point is, it’s not even from his acquaintance, it’s a CCTV cut. The person who spreads it must be punished… I think it’s too scary to see pictures like this go around regardless of whether they exist or not.;;

2. [+346, -53] Conclusion: It’s Jungkook, but not the romantic relationshipㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+194, -27] He ran into his tattoo shop friends and acquaintances on Geoje Island…

4. [+102, -28] They’ll say no… There’s nothing good about being right…

5. [+64, -5] Those hugs, you’re not dating, are you? I’d rather not be Jungkook.

6. [+38, -2] I don’t know anything else. Jungkook, let’s cut your hair pretty.

7. [+21, -1] You want to tell me the picture’s not a hug, it’s a headlock?

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