Big Hit changes the company name

Big Hit Entertainment -> HYBE Corporation

original post: theqoo

1. Why?

2. When it comes to BTS, I think of Big Hit, Big Hit reminds me of BTS, but why did they change their company name?

3. Then they will also change the logo that appears before the MV?????

4. I like the name ‘Big Hit’ because I’m familiar with it. HYBE sounds strange

5. BTS from HYBE.. It sounds strange

6. Honestly, if you only look at the name, HYBE is better. You are just not familiar with it right now

7. Big Hit is better, please don’t change the company name

8. Okay, but first of all, please upload the MVs to the BANGTANTV channel

9. Is Big Hit Enter under HYBE Corporation?

10. I don’t think they have any thoughts about music, and I don’t think they’re interested in raising and developing artists

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