Big Hit listed on the stock market becomes distant … The key is BTS

While BTS‘s popularity is skyrocketing, interest in popular entertainment companies is increasing. Recently, YG‘s stock price has plummeted due to internal problems, and interest in Big Hit is getting bigger and bigger.

However, the ability of Big Hit to list on the stock market is decreasing. From now on, BTS‘s overseas tour is not sure due to military service law. This is a negative factor for sales in the coming year. ‘New group’ TXT is not stable. Finally, it is important to demonstrate long-term growth potential through profit diversification.

original post: theqoo

1.Big Hit, don’t list on the stock exchange.

2. What do you ask for a three-month-old rookie? They are gradually gaining popularity.

3. If Big Hit can’t be listed on the stock exchange, please don’t do it. If they do that, it will be annoying.

4. I think Big Hit doesn’t want to list on the stock exchange, even when I look at the article.

5. No, that’s only 3 months since TXT debuted.

6. Big Hit doesn’t want to list. That investment is not only a visible achievement, but an appreciation for an artist or fandom. Finally, we will come back bigger.

7. Big Hit has made a lot of money, They don’t need more money from investors.

8. TXT debuted too late, but BTS focused on activities and investments, so they were a world star. BTS members can perform solo tours at that time.

9. The reason for listing is to gather investors to invest more. But Big Hit’s net profit has been very high over the years, so I think they don’t need to do it.

10. Big Hit doesn’t want to list. They don’t even need the money invested.

11. If they are not listed, they will not be affected by other investors. The artists will operate more freely. If they list, investors will dominate and it will not be good for artists or fans.

12. But it’s great to see the index in the picture. Big Hit and BTS are great.

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