Big Hit is an art agency because CEO’s major is aesthetics

Logo of BTS ‘summer package’ preview video

Hanok concept, BTS logo is Korean style with Taegeuk’s color.

original post: theqoo

1. By the way, I think it’s good for this Hanok concept.

2. I hope foreigners come to Korea to see Hanok more

3. Hull… Is Bang Si Hyuk designed this logo? I think he designed it as soon as I saw this logo

4. It makes me want to go to Jeonju.

5. Aesthetic department includes a nation’s history, religion, philosophy and literature, in architecture, painting, sculpture, etc. If you talk about aesthetics for 10 minutes, you will have a headache.

6. Aesthetics is a really hard and top-notch major of Seoul National University.

7. I like this concept

8. This concept is amazing. I really like it.

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