Big Hit, planning to take over Zico’s company ‘KOZ’… Curious about whether the decision is final

On September 3, an industry representative reported that Big Hit Entertainment is planning to acquire KOZ Entertainment that was established by Zico. Big Hit Entertainment reportedly began the takeover process this year.

In response to the reports, Big Hit Entertainment shared, “We are open to various opportunities, but nothing has been decided yet.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Zico said he was curious about why Bang Si Hyuk called him to I-LAND, and this is the reason?!!!

2. I really want to see the collaboration between Zico and RM

3. As expected, Bang Si Hyuk has his own plansㄷㄷㄷ

4. Well, that’s why Zico left I-LAND

5. Bang Si Hyuk’s business skills are good

6. Well, Big Hit is turning into a giant dinosaur

7. Then, can we see the collaboration between BTS and Zico?

8. I think Big Hit will be like CJ ENM in the future

9. BTS and Zico~~ It’s too much to imagine

10. Wow…. Big Hit is getting bigger…

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