The fuss of BTS fan meeting … Start removing black market tickets

From BTS fan meeting controversy shows Big Hit is trying to remove black market tickets

Jung Byung-wook, a famous music critic, said: “This event is a fan meeting, not a regular concert. I think it’s a good test because It is aimed at healthy fandom culture. I feel the fan meeting is okay if fans follow the published guidelines.”

Tickets for Kpop concerts are often pushed many times higher than regular tickets. Big Hit‘s method this time is a good way to eliminate black market tickets.

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1.[+1172, -12] To root out ticket transfer tickets, I commend Big Hit. Since it’s the first time, there will be confusion and noise, but I think BTS and Bang Si Hyuk will also have good influence on concert culture.

2. [+700, -6] I’m cheering for Big Hit. If you leave it that way, there will be no end to the black market ticket. Cheer up!

3. [+657, -4] Big Hit constantly post announcements and I think they do it randomly, so I guess they bought them. I know you’re upset about Army who couldn’t come in, but Big Hit’s doing the right thing. Think!!!! Do the same for the concert!

4. [+590, -1] That is the principle. Isn’t the black market ticket a dark deal? I’m ashamed of being tied up with such fans and there are people who oppose it while trying to do the right thing. Big Hit gave a lot of notice from the beginning. There must be an easy way, but I trust Big Hit, who invested time and manpower. And thanks to Big Hit for making me feel like a legitimate consumer and customer during the concert, not just a slogan.

5. [+418, -3] Big Hit, praise you!! Let’s delete the black market ticket site!!!!!!!

6. [+116, -1] Honestly, from an agency’s point of view, it has nothing to do with their income, whether fans buy black market tickets or not. They all told us not to hurt Army, but those who created rumors on twitter, are they true fans?

7. [+94, -1] Big Hit sold out for the first time, a ticket problem that many big management companies ignored. As an agency of global star BTS, Big Hit goes ahead to protect their fans. Nice and supportive!!

8. [+93, -8] You can register with your child’s name.All ticketing sites are registered with parental consent for people under 14 years of age. A social evils should be removed. Big Hit is doing a great job.

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