Big Hit officially announces BTS’ long-term vacation

original post: theqoo

1. Let’s rest well and I will wait for your return

2. Daebak.. Big Hit did well

3. They worked hard, so rest well

4. This is their first time having a year-end and New Year holiday with their family since their debut. Rest well and see you next year, I love you

5. Well, I’m a fan of another group, I’m so jealous of them…

6. They worked so hard this year, rest well

7. I bet they will get bored and miss ARMYs

8. Let’s rest well, I’m looking forward to BTS’ new album… ^^

9. I’m looking forward to BTS’ new album and concert in March ㅠㅠ Let’s rest well

10. Rest well and see you in Seoul in March!!!!!!

11. I hope they get a good rest and enjoy time with their families