Big Hit opposes ‘BTS Street’ project in Daegu

Big Hit opposes 'BTS Street' project in Daegu

On October 23, the Daegu Buk District Office reported to news outlet Maeil Business that plans for the street were called off due to opposition from Big Hit Entertainment.

The street in Buk District would have stretched a distance of one kilometer (approximately 0.6 miles) and featured a sidewalk, outer walls, benches, and more decorated with a BTS theme to honor Suga, who attended elementary, middle, and high school in the area.

Plans for a similar street in the Seo District of Daegu, where V grew up and attended school, had also been put forth. This project proposed a remodeling of the day care center attended by V and the construction of a 100-meter (approximately 328 feet) path between the day care center and Daegu Jeil High School decorated with a V theme.

However, these plans were halted due to objection from Big Hit Entertainment. The agency is also reported to have requested a stop to plans for BTS-themed spaces in the hometowns of the other members. This is part of an ongoing struggle against sightseeing packages themed around BTS being developed in each region.

A source from the Daegu Buk District Office stated, “There was no choice but to stop plans for the BTS-themed street after BTS’s agency expressed opposition. Because we cannot proceed without the permission of the agency, we unfortunately gave up on the plans.”


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1. Big Hit did well…

2. I’m glad Big Hit didn’t allow them to do this

3. Don’t make streets of celebrities. Even Bangtan, too! There’s no guarantee that celebrities continue well. If bad things happen later, what would you do with the tax money you spent?

4. Oh, well done, Big Hit. If they don’t manage well, the arrow of criticism will be directed towards the fandom and singers …. Local governments only attract fans of celebrities and properly market for a short time.

5. I have seen a lot of politicians dragging Bangtan into politics, but it’s probably better not to do anything like that. Bangtan seems to be being cursed even though they did nothing wrong.

6. Wow … Big Hit is the best agency I’ve ever seen

7. Big Hit is smart. It’s best not to get stuck in things like this

8. If so, the locals will be noisy. It’s better not to do this.

9. Local governments make money by attracting tourists, but celebrities don’t get nothing. If the local government doesn’t manage it well, it even harms celebrities.

10. This is the best decision from the best agency

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