Big Hit side “BTS to hold fan meeting in Japan, November in Chiba → December in Osaka”

Big Hit side "BTS to hold fan meeting in Japan"

On August 23, BTS’ official Japanese website announces dates for their upcoming official fan meeting in Japan “BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL FANMEETING VOL.5 [ MAGIC SHOP ]”.

The fan meeting will be hold in Chiba Prefecture’s Zozo Marine Stadium on November 23 and 24, and Osaka Prefecture’s Kyocera Dome on December 14 and 15. The maximum capacity of the venues hold 30,000 and 55,000 per event respectively. The fan meeting is expected to draw in a total of 170,000 spectators across the four dates.


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1. [+398, -58] If it’s canceled, the possibility of political exploitation of Japanese right-wing is huge. So go and sweep the yen, and the fan meeting is the ideal solution. Don’t just object, but look away.

2. [+261, -43] They’re gonna get a lot of yen. I realized the anxiety of the Japanese right-wing.

3. [+199, -10] Look at Big Bang. All right. All ARMY have is BTS. Please give me your feedback. You should protect your artists first.

4. [+152, -4] Big Hit, please pay attention to the protection of artists, Don’t just think about making money, protecting the artist’s minimum human rights honor. Protecting artists is a top priority.

5. [+163, -18] The yen is not the problem right now, is it the radiation risk zone?

6. [+77, -13] It’s not a problem that they have to spend a lot of money to go there once they have a fan meeting in Japan. There will be many fans coming to Japan as well as transportation costs. When we had fan meetings in Busan and Seoul, we had 400 billion won of economic effects. Besides, how many people on the plane to Japan including employees, managers, BTS, etc. These days. It’s the trash of Korea-Japan relations. If you do this, you only eat swear words. Think about it and listen to the fans.

7. [+75, -12] I don’t want BTS to come to Japan in this situation. At the fan meeting last time, the members worked on the handshakes for hours. Why do members have to bow in the Japanese market?

8. [+49, -7] Did you sign a contract with Japan for a fan meeting? Oh, this is so annoying.

9. [+41, -2] This is no time to make the yen. How do you send your artists there when we have a lot of radiation articles? Are you out of your mind? Is that what you are doing? I go crazy…

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