Big Hit, SM, JYP and YG’s performance for the first half of the yearㄷㄷㄷㄷ

Blue: Sales
Pink: Business profit

JYP: 68,1 billion won; 22,5 billion won
YG: 108 billion won; – 300 million won
SM: 280,7 billion won; 14,8 billion won
Big Hit: 294 billion won; 49,8 billion won

original post: theqoo

1. Big Hit’s operating profit is expected to exceed 100 billion won this year

2. JYP is stable

3. SM’s operating profit is always low, I want them to shut down other businesses;

4. Looking at YG, BLACKPINK doesn’t seem to make as much money as I thought

5. JYP is so good at business. Big Hit should treat BTS well

6. I’m curious where does YG spend the money their artists make?

7. YG will be closed after a few more years^^

8. BLACKPINK just can’t save YG

9. Big Hit is a real big hit. It deserves the name

10. SM has high sales, but why are their operating profits always so low?;

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