Big Hit sues the Karaoke room regarding BTS Jungkook’s CCTV leak

Big Hit sues the Karaoke Room regarding BTS Jungkook's CCTV leak

Big Hit Entertainment will file a lawsuit against the Karaoke Room associated with the CCTV leak of BTS Jungkook, sparking his dating rumors

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1. [+518, -3] I’m afraid it’s too late, but I’d like strong punishments for those involved.

2. [+367, -3] Also, I want you to file a lawsuit against all those who spread rumors. The antis even created and spread rumors, and if you don’t, this will happen again.

3. [+276, -1] Besides this, he’s in serious condition, including rumors, defamation, insulting language, and so on. Even though our fans are having a hard time, the antis have been searching for those posts on purpose, saving them as pdfs and spreading it every day. Please check and sue them for maximum legal punishment. Please

4. [+267, -7] That’s good. We must arrest these criminals immediately. Now, I’d like you to sue the antis who spread rumors. It would be a lot cleaner if you caught some famous bad guys who have been harassing Jungkook for years. His fans are in so much pain.

5. [+213, -0] It would have been very dangerous if this was not resolved promptly and let’s punish those who spread rumors.

6. [+81, -1] The lawsuit against the Karaoke Room who leaked CCTV, it’s natural and punish those who have fabricated rumors and who spread CCTV. They’re the bad guys who attacked the singers, so you can sue them. I want you to believe that Big Hit is a company that protects artists.

7. [+71, -0] I want you to sue the tattoo shop for the photos that were leaked from inside the tattoo shop.

8. [+61, -0] You can sue the bad guys who’ve been harassing Jungkook for years. They’re going around organized, they’re making rumors, they’re spreading them. Please sue them.

9. [+56, -0] Big Hit, you know that, right? Why don’t you sue them? Are they acquaintances of Big Hit? You should sue those who have been creating rumors for 5 years to protect your artists.

10. [+50, -0] Big Hit has to sue not only the Karaoke Room, but also those who have posted CCTVs on the Internet and systematically distributed them to various communities.

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