Big Hit to invest 70 billion won into YG Plus + YG artists to feature on Weverse

Big Hit Entertainment announced its plans to invest 70 billion Won ($63,316,953 USD) into YG Entertainment.

The agency behind BTS, Big Hit Entertainment, announced its plans to invest in one of its biggest competitors, YG Entertainment. Big Hit and its affiliate beNX will be investing 30 billion Won ($27,137,901 USD) and 40 billion Won ($36,183,868 USD), respectively, into YG affiliate YG Plus under the deal.

This means fans can expect YG Entertainment artists on Weverse, a fan community created and launched by Big Hit Entertainment.

Big Hit stated, “We look forward to the synergy that YG Plus, which has powerful networks in various fields, such as distribution and merchandising production, and Big Hit and beNX, which are strong in artist intellectual property and platforms.” YG Entertainment also commented, “We have prepared a new turning point for both companies, which have been aiming to be the best in their respective fields. We’ll grow together through various collaborations that will influence the overall entertainment lifestyle.” cr

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1. Then, will BLACKPINK and YG artists join Weverse?

2. Well! Now Big Hit also cooperates with the drugstore!! Let’s boycott Big Hit!

3. Why do the comments here say that BTS goods will be prettier? After Big Hit invests in YG Plus, will YG Plus be responsible for producing Big Hit goods in the future?

4. To be honest, YG Plus produces good goods so the quality will be improved. Big Hit really makes a lot of money

5. Well, I will buy shares of Big Hit ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. Are you saying that YG artists will appear on Weverse??

7. I hate Big Hit

8. The relationship between Big Hit fans and YG fans is really bad, but I’m curious what will happen if YG artists join Weverse?

9. Big Hit, Naver, and YG seem to be working together

10. If I buy a Big Hit album, will Yang Hyun Suk make money? I really hate it

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