‘Midnight’ BIGBANG Daesung, letting illegal businesses run -> tax evasion allegations “It’s important to be able to prove whether or not prostitution”

BIGBANG Daesung could face up to 7 years in prison if found guilty

A lawyer said, “Even if the landlord knows that a business is operating illegally as a ‘general restaurant,’ criminal punishment will be difficult. But if the business owner arranges for prostitutes for its customers and the owner doesn’t exercise his management responsibility, the act of acquiescence is punished severely under the law. The landlord could be subject to 7 years prison term with a fine of up to 70 million won.”

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1. [+1739, -289] What an eyesore. He did all kinds of things to become a celebrity with that face. Oh my God. If you look at Seungri, Daesung will also be ruined ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+669, -92] Anyone who goes to any business in Gangnam knows all about prostitution there, now they just make a fuss because a celebrity is involved. I’m sure all reporters know about this is long ago, why are they working so hard like this now.

3. [+453, -45] Not only Daesung, but many of those businesses know and close their eyes. Why don’t you catch those guys??

4. [+468, -157] Since when does the owner of the building be responsible for the crimes of the tenant??

5. [+145, -4] Well, if its prostitution, it’s all you have to do is figure out what Daesung knows, if he knows, he needs to be put away for 20 years instead of 7..

6. [+131, -13] The biggest problem is that the district office didn’t know about the business that’s been running for years.Soon after he bought the building, he would be in trouble.

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