Daesung “I was not properly aware of illegal activities … take legal action with my responsibility as a landlord”

BIGBANG Daesung releases statement regarding Illegal activities in his building

“Hello, this is Daesung!

First of all, I would like to express my sincere apologies for greeting everyone with this kind of [matter] while I am serving in the military, as well as for causing everyone to worry.

The building described in the reports is one that I purchased just before enlisting and is a building that has been under my name. I enlisted almost immediately after buying [the building], and as a result from it, I would like to once more sincerely apologize for my inexperienced management of the building.

At the time of purchasing the building, business was already taking place as there were tenants that had already moved in, so I was not properly aware of the illegal activities of the relevant companies. For establishments that have been identified to have done illegal activities, we will immediately be taking legal action, and with my responsibilities as the landlord, I will do my best.

I have belatedly realized my shortcomings and am deeply reflecting.

I will do my best faithfully in regards to all the incorrect aspects. Thank you.”


original post: naver

1. [+924, -20] You bought a 30 million dollar building and you did’t care about the blockage from 4th to 9th floors?

2. [+567, -17] Anyone knows that Daesung is ridiculous. You know the public as a fool.

3. [+272, -14] You didn’t know? It’s over 30 billion won.

4. [+295, -44] Is it not really important for a building owner to let tenants enter his building? You let them rent a huge room and you don’t know anything about prostitution? What the hell?

5. [+107, -15] I wonder if you don’t know. You didn’t check the building before you bought it. It’s a 30 billion building.

6. [+93, -4] Is there a normal child at a drug store? They are a pile of garbage.

7. [+59, -2] You don’t check the room before leasing, you’re buying a multi-million-dollar building, and you’re not even looking at what kind of business it’s in? You know, some kids suck it up and pretend that they’re apologizing, and they’re all over and over again.

8. [+48, -6] Big Bang is really amazing. The kid from Big Bang is the owner of a 30-million-dollar building.

9. [+38, -1] “He knew and bought it. 100%. (Before purchase) The clients see what’s on each floor. There’s no one who doesn’t see it.” Even if you didn’t know, you can’t avoid responsibility. “The owner of the building signed a contract with them. The owner’s responsibility to maintain the building according to its purpose.The Gangnam District Office plans to suppress Daesung’s building and take administrative action if any violations are detected. This is Channel A News Lee Seo-hyun.

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