BIGBANG Daesung, working as an anonymous YouTuber after being discharged from the military

Daesung, who completed his mandatory military service duties back in November of 2019, has kept a relatively low profile since his return to civilian status. However, fans have begun to recognize that a certain anonymous YouTuber by the name of ‘D’splay is actually Daesung!

Ever since June of last year, Daesung has uploaded drum cover YouTube videos to his D’splay channel. None of his videos show the drummer’s face completely, and there is also no mention of his identity anywhere on the channel itself. However, Daesung can be heard speaking and communicating with his subscribers in some videos (such as the video above), and from hearing his voice, it was a quick jump to the conclusion that this faceless drummer was the Big Bang member himself.

In the past 8 months since the creation of his D’splay YouTube channel, Daesung has uploaded drum covers of various songs, ranging from Big Bang, to BLACKPINK, to Song Min Ho, and more. cr

original post: theqoo

1. This guy has a prostitution business in his building, right?

2. I bet there’s an article like this because no one cares about his channelㅋㅋ

3. He thought people would recognize him even if he was anonymous, but no one knew it, so there was an article

4. It’s like a PR article

5. What about his prostitution building?

6. It’s funny that he revealed his face, but he says he works as an anonymous YouTuber

7. Looking at the views, it seems that the fans didn’t even know it was him

8. I didn’t even know he was discharged from the military

9. So please work as an anonymous YouTuber forever!!

10. Don’t appear on TV and just live quietly

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