BIGBANG Daesung’s suspicious building … “Illegal s*xual entertainment”

BIGBANG Daesung's building involves illegal business and prostitution scandal

On July 25, reports alleged a building in Gangnam purchased by Daesung in 2017 before his military enlistment houses a suspicious business that includes prostitution services. The Channel A reporters found that many of the floors in the building were inaccessible by elevator during the day, but at night, what looks to be an entertainment business serving alcohol drinks opened up.

According to the reports, the basement and 4 upper floors of the 8-floor building are taken up by the suspicious business, which has no signage but is registered as a restaurant.

The merchants around the location commented, “It’s a bar that only opens in the evening,” and “There’s a weird bar in the basement. I think you can call it a ‘room salon,'” referring to businesses that are often fronts for prostitution.

The real estate agent for the building told Channel A, “Daesung is the building owner, but he is not involved in its operation.”


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1. [+3822, -44] YG is a huge prostitution organization

2. [+2403, -39] There are 4 floors that can’t be reached by elevator in this building. It’s too weird.

3. [+1122, -35] Hul … If Daesung did that, I really feel like being betrayed .. I like Big Bang and Daesung on TV and Daesung laughs with innocent expressions … what the hell are they?

4. [+778, -30] YG is not over yet? We should not consume all YG products such as recordings, albums, YouTube and performances.

5. [+138, -1] Yang Hyun Suk is a garbage man … There are also singers below him … YG is just a landfill …….

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1. What the hell is this?

2. I’m not surprised.

3. What is this …. again, maybe Daesung doesn’t know?

4. Big Bang is really, really fun!

5. I think Daesung just let them rent his building ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ The person who runs the illegal entertainment business is the main problem …

6. Is this Daesung’s fault? But this is his building anyway.

7. He doesn’t know what they’re doing in his building … it’s ridiculous!

8. I don’t know, but I wonder why YG entangled in prostitution.

9. I was shocked that there were some buildings in central Seoul used for such purposes.

10. For reference, illegal prostitution property owners are also punished. It is important to know whether businesses have been arrested by the police in the past.

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