BIGBANG is working on their new album with 4 members

BIGBANG is working on their new album with 4 members

1. But sources close to YG Entertainment tell Billboard that BIGBANG are working on a new album this year as a quartet

2. The guys could also take a page from BLACKPINK — who released their Kill This Love EP just a week ahead of the festival — and deliver their new music to the huge audience in October.

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1. I hope Coronavirus will end in October

2. ?? In Korea?

3. T.O.P said he doesn’t want to work in the entertainment industry anymore…? Why?

4. 4 members? Shouldn’t they eliminate T.O.P?

5. All the other members got into controversy except Taeyang…? sigh,,,,

6. They are really shameless

7. Why does T.O.P keep promoting as a BIGBANG member? Meanwhile B.I left the group after his drug scandal. I don’t understand what YG is doing, why do they let BIGBANG promote as a 4-member group?

8. I really like the songs of YG artists, but I have decided not to consume them since last year

9. Isn’t it just with the two members GD and Taeyang?

10. Don’t consume YG’s music

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