BIGBANG’s foreign fans are spreading fake translations that Big Hit buys Korean media to boycott YG

Kmedia incites YG Boycott

Today YTN News:
1. Don’t listen to #BIGBANG
2. BB, #iKON, #WINNER Streaming↓
(No Trustworthy Source)
3. BB won’t comeback, #YG dead
4. #BLACKPINK is YG too, boycott
5. Bighit, BTS is your alternatives♥

What kinds of media do like this?

Original article:

“BIGBANG’s former member Seungri was caught up in Burning Sun scandal and iKON’s former member B.I was suspected of using drugs.

In June, Yang Hyun Suk, a former CEO of YG, resigned.

These scandals have led to a boycott against YG.

In fact, the names of YG singers have become difficult to find in music charts.

BIGBANG’s streams is down 30% and iKON is down 15% from the previous month.

WINNER Lee Seung Hoon, who is involved in B.I scandal, also down 15%.

BIGBANG, who is responsible for more than half of overseas sales, is getting tough when suspicion has not been removed.

Singers without scandals constantly operate, but YG is still affected.

Meanwhile, Big Hit’s corporate value has increased to 2 trillion won and threatens the title of BIG3.”

BIGBANG fans claim that Korean people boycott YG is due to other reasons. It’s another company’s conspiracy (= seems to be Big Hit)!!!!!

It’s crazy that they are trying to blame Big Hit and BTS to cover up the sins of their favorite singers.

original post: theqoo

1. They should not compare a human with a cockroach.

2. They used to bully BTS before and they are doing it again. Fans are filth like their idols.

3. It’s funny that there are still YG fans.

4. They are blaming BTS like idiots.

5. Overseas fans always believe that there is a force that is attacking YG. And they think it’s Big Hit, it’s ridiculous.

6. BIGBANG fans are even worse than their idols.

7. They still love criminals. I think it’s funny when someone believes in that.

8. That’s ridiculous, right? ㅋ ㅋ BIGBANG fans are ridiculous ㅋㅋㅋ

9. The pharmacy is not only a medicine but also a comedy for me.

10. BIGBANG’s fans claim that their idols are the best singers in the world, but when BTS world stars really appear, they start to envy and do ugly things.

11. Still have people who like BIGBANG?

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