BIGBANG’s T.O.P, donates 100 million won “I want to help medical advancement against covid19”

BIGBANG's T.O.P donates 100 million won to help medical advancement against covid19

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1. [+5993, -1730] It’s nice that you donated, but don’t think of coming back on broadcast

2. [+3575, -89] But donating is a good thing and a wonderful thing.

3. [+2883, -254] It’s really nice to see the people donating their money in such a difficult time. I hope there will only be good news like this in the future!

4. [+1738, -166] Good job, T.O.P

5. [+1182, -142] I don’t think that anything can compare to the sacrifice of the medical staff in this difficult situation, but TOP’s good deeds and the contributions of many other celebrities can help those who are struggling. As a fan of T.O.P, and as a Korean citizen, I support you. I hope we get through this.

6. [+573, -60] What are the bad comments about the donation? We have to praise donations

7. [+440, -29] He made mistakes and it’s true that I hate to see him, but this is a good thing and no matter whether he’s trying to restore his image in the bigger picture, I’m not going to twist this. It’s not easy to donate, I hope they use it transparently.

8. [+313, -7] Still, I have to praise him for his empathy and donation……..

9. [+276, -2] Let’s say he did a good job!

10. [+206, -9] Let’s not leave malicious comments on good things. It’s a good article. Just look at the good

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