Billboard introduces new rule for 200 album chart bundle sales in 2020


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1. Bangtan is amazing

2. I know for sure that Bangtan is awesome.

3. I knew they would change it

4. There’s no one who entered the #1 of Billboard 200 chart without the help of the bundles except BTS and TOOL. BTS is the wall.

5. But Bangtan entered the #1 of Billboard 200 three times without the bundles. I can see why American media treat Bangtan well. Surprisingly, Bangtan’s first place was the Korean album without the bundles

6. Bangtan is really great ~ proud

7. I hope they stop counting tour bundles too

8. Bangtan is more amazing than I thought.

9. I think they should also restrict tour bundles

10. I’m glad to see this, Bangtan is the pride of K-Pop and Korea

11. Seems like some will be in trouble

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