BTS + Halsey vs Madonna + Maluma … Spectacular Billboard stage

Billboard Stage of BTS + Halsey vs Madonna + Maluma

BTS will perform for the second consecutive year at ‘Billboard Music Awards 2019‘. This is a performance with the most notable star in the US, Halsey.

If BTS and Halsey are a combination of the new generation, then the general performance of Madonna and Maluma is a union between the new and the old generation.

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1.[+680, -2] Oh, I’m waiting for you to see, but why I’m nervous. BTS’s stage. Please enjoy it. BTS fighting!!

2. [+309, -2] Big Hit, let’s spend money on this stage. No need to save money, it’s the BTS performance that we expected.

3. [+224, -2] A must-see performance. I’m guessing you’re watching a billion-dollar Billboard show.

4. [+177, -0] Last year, thanks to BTS, I saw everything from the red carpet. Billboard, the atmosphere is so hot~ I’m looking forward to it again this year.

5. [+161, -2] It’s not a pop song, it’s… How did you prepare it? I am so nervous and curious.

6. [+45, -0] Comparatively speaking, it is not the time to fight with other Korean idol groups for popularity.

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