A journalist from Korea Economics criticizes Black Pink

Black Pink was criticized by a Korean economic journalist

Article: Entertainment market, Black Pink is a shield to secure YG‘s stocks? Exaggeration of results which caused people to ridicule them

This is not an entertainment article, but the entertainment aspect of Korean economic reporters is YG‘s shame when protecting their stock prices.

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1.[+297, -10] It is a good journalist. He wrote the article so that clueless stock investors would not be cheated.

2. [+226, -37] Their #43 rank in the first week on the billboard was barely achieved by their excessive promos. In the second week, they were to be kicked out of top 100.

3. [+200, -13] A refreshing article.

4. [+126, -1] The article does not criticize Black Pink. It’s pointing out the fact that Blackpink is being overly media-played by YG. YG has released articles about selling out the world tour but concert tickets are still sold at much cheaper prices. Don’t the fans also admit that YG’s media-play is really weird? I also don’tt understand how they started a world tour with 9 songs. When BTS and Twice held their first concert, they had more than 20 songs. How did they think of filling 2 ~ 3 hours with only 9 songs? At Black Pink’s first concert, Seungri came as a guest and sang 3 songs. They also sang similar songs for encore. When you sing encore, you don’t sing the same song. I think YG hastily planned the Black Pink tour when they didn’t even have many songs. Their first concert was held with many sponsors so the members had to say “Thank you BC Card, thank you Mise en scene, Adidas, Vibe Music application, Guess …” I confused by the way the audience laughed.

5. [+114, -1] This kind of fact is really necessary to point out. There might be people who get fooled by YG’s media-play, invest in YG’s stocks and their families are ruined.