BLACKPINK enters #1 on Korean charts → #1 on worldwide iTunes charts… Explosive music video views

Within 5 hours of release, ‘How You Like That’ views reached 20 million making this BLACKPINK’s highest viewed MV within shortest time and biggest premiere in YouTube history.

In addition, the song topped iTunes charts in 56 countries as of 11pm on the same day.

The song entered Melon charts at #1 and achieved a roof kick.

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1. [+582, -130] Their songs always sound the same. 2NE1 style mixed with BIGBANG; Even after 30 years, Teddy’s songs will still sound the same

2. [+473, -92] Why do all their songs sound the same??? DDU-DU DDU-DU, Kill This Love, this song…. Rose’s vocals are good, though… Maybe because Teddy is the only one composing for BLACKPINK

3. [+381, -79] The last part of the song overlaps a lot with BIGBANG’s ‘Bang Bang Bang’. The song is good, but I can’t help but notice that Teddy has the same style for his songs

4. [+64, -34] Feels like a repeat of their last song

5. [+44, -31] I’m getting junior high feels from the song

6. [+41, -18] I’m really not feeling the song

7. [+40, -12] I can’t listen to the song because I’m tired of Teddy’s songsㅠㅠ

8. [+40, -23] There definitely isn’t another girl group with a concept like theirs. I don’t know about Jisoo but the other members have great vocal tones

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