BLACKPINK fans think ‘Snowdrop’ is fine because it’s the drama “approved” by the Blue House

original post: theqoo

1. Not China, but who makes dramas with government permission? They have no brain

2. The Blue House is not an entertainment company or a broadcasting station. What the hell are they talking about?

3. Are you crazy? Our country is not a communist country

4. If you don’t know our country’s history, don’t say something recklessly

5. Are you from a communist country? This is my first time hearing about a drama approved by the Blue House

6. Please, if you’re not Korean, shut up

7. They are really stupid

8. This is why dramas like this shouldn’t be produced, the country’s image is getting weird

9. ???????????? Korean fans of BLACKPINK are still watching this drama???? I’m really surprised

10. Korea is a democratic country, you are stupid