BLACKPINK Jennie looks elegant while holding a cup .. Luxury beauty

BLACKPINK Jennie gets cheering comments for her latest photo

On the 14th, Jennie posted a photo on her Instagram. Jennie wrote, “Took a little trip to this adorable village with my mum”

original post: naver

1. [+100, -19] Jennie is so pretty.

2. [+70, -7] Please be healthy and happy, Jennie!

3. [+56, -8] Let’s always be happy. Jennie is pretty.

4. [+55, -8] We love Jennie^^

5. [+48, -5] Take care of yourself all the time, and I hope you always smile.

6. [+22, -2] To avoid misunderstandings, Jennie posted this post on her Instagram this morning (14th). That photo was taken when she went to Paris on vacation.

7. [+21, -4] I don’t want to lose anyone anymore. We have to protect them

8. [+20, -7] Please don’t make bad comments. I’ve seen what happened today, but … I’m worried that BLACKPINK has a lot of bad feelings, and sometimes … They’re gonna hurt a lot, too. I don’t want you to say anything to hurt them. All your malicious comments will hurt their hearts.

9. [+13, -2] I hope you always see good things. As a fan of BLACKPINK, I always support you. Jennie, have the best.

10. [+12, -1] Jennie is so pretty and polite … I saw her in Cheongdam-dong … She looked like a doll~~

11. [+13, -5] I’m not a fan of BLACKPINK or Jennie, but Jennie always gets a lot of malicious comments in every article of her. Those malicious comments will make someone get depression. Jennie, please take care of yourself.

12. [+6, -1] Jennie fighting! Ignore the malicious comments of pathetic and miserable people hiding behind a keyboard

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