I’m not the only one who thinks Jennie is copying Ariana Grande

I’m a fan of Ariana
Her Barbie expressions and blinking fluttery eyes
The way to the tongue sticking out while singing is totally Ariana Grande
You’ll know what it is if you watch her Focus or God is Woman MV

Even international fans are saying that she copied Ariana

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1. [+443, -41] To be honest, I also felt that Jennie’s expressions were a bit different this time? I felt as if I saw the expressions of a foreign pop star from Jennie’s face. I think Ariana fans felt that way too..

2. [+371, -34] Whether she copied Ariana or not, it looks similar…

3. [+260, -43] Those who are always claiming that other female idols copy Jennie everyday, where did they go?

4. [+170, -23] I’m a pop fan and it isn’t my first time hearing that Jennie is copying Ariana. At first I wasn’t sure about that, but… If you look at Jennie’s photos on Instagram, Jennie’s filters and poses are the same as Ariana’s

5. [+156, -17] If you look at BLACKPINK’s clothes or music, looks like they always copy international celebrities

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